Friday Faves 11/26

Happy Black Friday! This is a pre written post, so as you read this I’m probably at Target sharpening my elbows buying a bunch of stuff I don’t really need because it’s all so cheap. I’ve been coming down to my aunt’s place in Indiana to celebrate American Thanksgiving since high school and it is one of my favourite traditions. It’s girly bonding time with my mom and aunt and we’re never really in it for the shopping–more for the antics and the fact that we can spend it together. A few years ago some of our cousins from California met us in Indiana and it was the best. We ended up getting pancakes at a diner at like, 2 am because most stores had opened at twelve. Was it necessary to be out shopping at midnight? Probably not, but we’re still laughing about it today.

Decorating for Christmas

ImageIt’s tradition here that the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend is dedicated to prepping the house for Christmas. It’s the best because I get to decorate twice– once at my aunts and once at home:) And we go all out, I’m talking hot chocolate, carols, cozy sweaters and a screening of a Christmas movie. We literally go from zero to Griswalds in about an hour.

One Direction

Let me preface this by saying that I have no little shame. I may or may not have been aware that One Direction was coming out with a new album this week and I may or may not have acquired said album and played it more than once on the 8 hour drive to Indiana. You guys, they’re just so catchy. Thank goodness I’m a teacher. The easy excuse is that it’s field research for my job. I want to keep current with what the kids are into? But seriously though, listen to this song and tell me you don’t want to be 14 and dancing around your room with a hairbrush.

My Mom’s Type A Personality


I was supposed to share part of the 8 hour drive with my mom but she lacks so much confidence in my driving ability (how rude!) that she drove the whole way. It ended up being for the best because the tail end of the drive was gross and I wouldn’t have handled it well (think: panicking and stopping the car in the middle of the highway). I definitely dodged a bullet there.

Revlon Lip Crayon

I have the one on the far left and third from left.

I have the one on the far left and third from left.

I don’t wear much makeup and can’t justify Sephora calibre beauty products when I’ll probably use it once and then forget about it. It is for this reason that I test out the drug store version first and then figure out if it’s a trend worth investing in. I wanted to jump on the dark lips bandwagon and decided to try it out with a Revlon chubby stick and I’m now obsessed with it. It’s not a full on lipstick but more of a very pigmented balm. It’s smooth and if I pair it with some chapstick, I’m good to go without a touch up for a while. And it’s only $8. Really, you can’t go wrong.

Bad Lip Reading

Finger Time

Lastly this clip, in honour of a very football weekend (for the non-American readers: Thanksgiving and football on the same day is totally a thing). This video is about a year old but it makes me laugh hysterically every time it’s quoted at home. Pretty female parts. I die every time.

I’m down here until next week so I’ll be posting things a bit more regularly:) Have a great weekend!


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