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Friday Faves

Happy Friday friends! This is a short week for most teachers in Toronto because today is a PA day :) My plans for the day are getting a new phone and getting a hair cut. I’ve been getting my hair cut at the Aveda hair school since undergrad and I love it. You get the full Aveda treatment– head massage, wash, cut, makeup touch up and complimentary coffee or tea for $25. The stylists are always students so sometimes it’s a little like taking you life into your own hands but I’m rarely unhappy with a haircut. The only downside is that it takes foreeeverrrr. I’ll be in there for two hours today, which is why I schedule cuts for days off. Here’s what I’m thinking:


I’ve had long, long hair for a few years and I’m ready to get rid of some of it.

On that note and without further ado, here are this weeks faves:

Coco and Lulu


Over the years I’ve reined in my rampant nail polish buying but sometimes there are some colours that I have to buy. Coco and Lulu’s Ma Belle was one of them. I’d been staring at it at work for weeks and finally caved.  It needs a couple of coats and goes on matte-ish so it needs a topcoat but it’s so vibrant!

Obsession with Little Pouches


I am powerless when it comes to little pouches. I have a billion in different sizes and patterns, I can’t part with them and for some reason I feel the need to buy more. I bought the one with the guards in London at Cath Kidston last year and it currently holds all the crap I don’t want floating around at the bottom of my purse (advil, cream, fold in brush, kleenex and lip gloss) the one with hearts in the centre is from Seltzer Goods and I bought it last week because, wait for it, it was on sale, haha. Jury’s still out on what it will be used for. The adorable polka dot pouch is currently my pencil case and it’s Mara-Mi for Target.

Pink Spring Break 8tracks

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 7.28.12 AM

I’ve been listening to moody winter music for some time and this is the perfect playlist to get me in the mood for spring and physical activity, haha. I’m starting up crossfit again next week because I think it’s time to get rid of my hard earned winter sweater o’fat.

Have a great weekend and for my teacher friends out there, enjoy march break!!

The Best Workout Gear Is The Cheapest

Two clothing posts in a week! Can you tell I’m tired of wearing the same winter wardrobe I’ve been rocking since September?

Right before I started teaching (and writing ze blog) I worked the front desk at a fancy-schmancy barre studio in the city. It wasn’t my passion so it doesn’t exactly get slated under “best job ever” but it was pretty fun. I was surrounded by interesting people, fitness inspiration and I got to take the classes for free. It’s also where I learned why I was never a dancer– I lack grace and rhythm. Don’t be jealous.

Tina knows.

Tina knows.

Needless to say, I lived in workout gear. In a post Lulu world however, workout gear has been elevated from nasty sweat pants and an old concert tee to $100 yoga pants and tops that included the word “technology”. Technology, what?! It’s a shirt…that you sweat in and wash a million times…

Luckily our friends over at Old Navy have come to the rescue. As an aside, I am borderline evangelical about Old Navy. I’ll go to the cash with boatload of basics thinking I’ll be out a few hundred but there is always a secret sale and I come out spending, like, $50. Every time.

This my friends is where you should be looking for your workout clothes. There is usually some sort of sale and I never end up paying more than $20 for compression leggings (they’re amazing), or $12 for a bra. The other day I came out with a racerback dri fit tank for $3. And it lasts a decently long time, especially considering how often everything gets washed.

My advice to you: look past the crappy marketing and go to Old Navy ASAP. Seriously.

Here are some of my favourites:

Ignore the mess around the clothes and my feet...

Ignore the mess around the clothes and my feet…

Pictured is the $3 tank I was talking about, a sports bra I’ve had since 2011, a light running shirt that was $6 and a pair of compression leggings. I was given the heads up on the leggings through Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers and I’m so glad I tried them out. They’re crazy tight not in that they’re uncomfortable but more that everything stays put.

Retail Therapy

I didn’t really plan on shopping this last weekend but when a bunch of errands happened to take place in and around malls, I couldn’t help myself. Let it be known that after years and years of working in retail I don’t purchase anything full price, ever. If it’s around when it goes on sale, it was meant to be and if it sells out then, oh well.

Forever 21

I pray to God that I never have to break up with Forever 21. That place is a treasure trove of awesomeness– you just need a little patience. If you look past the uber trendy tops, vagina length skirts and annoyingly loud teen shoppers, you can find some great pieces to mix and match, especially if you’re on a budget. On this trip I found this super comfy poncho with sleeves for $18. It screams ‘hangover sweater’– all it’s missing is some tights, boots and oversized sunglasses. Side note: how is it that a few glasses of wine now result in a throbbing heading and complete inability to function the next day?! Life past 20 is a sad and scary place, my friends. But I digress…


This kimono top was $23 and would look great with boyfriend jeans, a white tank and some gold accessories.


This baseball tee was $11 and therefore a no-brainer.


And la pièce de résistance is this gorgeous floral dress. From the front it’s pretty unassuming but the back has a lower back cutout and pretty scallop detailing. I wouldn’t be able to wear it to work on it’s own but with tights, boot and a long cardi it would be a great casual day outfit. This one was a whopping $34.







Anthropologie is the best and worst store. I love that some of their pieces are so well made but the mark up is insane. Never, under any circumstances, buy full price is a very important lesson I learned while working for them. There is always a sale room and it’s usually pretty well stocked. It’s the kind of place you want to pop into every few weeks because stuff will go for dirt cheap.

This blue skirt caught my eye because it’s beautiful, obviously, but also because it’s an appropriate length and so easy to pair with a white shirt and flats.They didn’t have my size at the location near my house so I had to go to one downtown to pick up the right size. It was $59.95, down from $218 and for the detail in it and the wear-ability, I thought it was a great price.


While at the second Anthro location, I gave their sale section a quick once over and saw the orange skirt pictured below. I remembered seeing it at the end of the summer and at that point I didn’t need it and the price of the skirt and my budget weren’t friends. I found it on Sunday for $19.95, down from $135. I couldn’t not buy it.


Little Burgundy

I’ve wanted Hunters for a while but they never seem to fit my calves under pants let alone over them and let’s be honest when am I ever going to wear wellies under my pants? Anyway, Little Burgundy was advertising an extra-50%-off sale, so I figured I’d pop in. These bad boys were the last pair left and they happened to be a 9 and they has a gusset. It was like they were waiting for me. I love that they’re green but I don’t love the purple adjuster thing. However, for $99 from $235, I really can’t complain. Now all I need is rain and nature keeps giving me snow, sigh.


Grand total: $265 before taxes, about $300 after. Not too shabby if I do say so myself:)

Friday Faves

Friday Faves, I’ve missed you so. For a few weeks there I didn’t have any Friday Faves because I didn’t have faves, period. I was stuck in a swirling vortex of winter grumpiness but that all ends here and now, my friends. Why now, do you ask? Well, let me introduce you to the first fave:



This photo was taken on Wednesday at work and if you’ll notice, the sun is shining, the ground is wet with melting snow and the windows are wide open. This is a very calmly written blurb but in my mind, it’s all caps. Spring is so close! This means it will soon be patio season, no more parkas, I don’t have to bring a change of shoes with me everywhere and everyone will be outside and smiling and remembering what it’s like to be social. Eeeee!

P.S. You know your Canadian when you’re excited that it’s almost spring.

Parks and Rec

I spent much of the Family Day weekend binge watching Parks and Rec and it was the best. The writing is so good and you can’t not love the characters. There will always be a special place in my heart for Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

The Bloggess


I recently started following Jenny Lawson’s blog but read her book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir), a while ago. This post came up in my feed this week and had me laughing out loud. WordPress (my blog host) has this really cool feature where you can see the Google search terms that brought people to your site. The weirdest one I have is “my buying habit” and interestingly enough, seven people have used that phrase to get here. Jenny’s are ridiculous and it’s worth a gander over to her blog.


images (1)

I was all over Pinterest a while ago, but it kind of lost it’s luster. I was recently in a grade 5/6 class for a week and had to do some planning and was reminded of what a great source of inspiration and information it can be. Also, it makes me want to eat my face off so make sure you browse on a full stomach. You can check out my pins here :)



If anyone is looking to get active, lose weight or track their fitness levels, I highly recommend this product. It’s a fitness tracker that measures calories burned, heart rate and your sleeping patterns. It has a few other features but the ones mentioned are the only ones I really use. I really like all of the information that it provides you with and it’s not crazy in your face like most fitness monitors. At the end of each week it emails you a summary of your activity and it’s a huge motivator. I got mine for free when I went to the taping of a talk show but it’s about $100 to purchase.  If you’re interested in a more detailed review check out Gina’s over at the Fitnessista.

Cupcake Wine


This wine is soooo delicious. I went to a friend’s house this weekend and brought this with me and was so glad I did. It was $13.45 down from $15.95 at the LCBO and I can’t resist a sale. Also, it’s called Cupcake which I mean, come on, how could it be bad? It was funny because I couldn’t help thinking about how different my wine choices have become. When I was younger I would always go for the cheap $8 wine that tasted like expired grape juice and now I won’t look at anything under $13. I file this under ‘further signs you’re becoming an adult’.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!